IABF offers quality sand castings of aluminum and bronze. Our facilities are modern, clean and well-staffed. We are centrally located in Columbus, Ohio and can serve customers within a 300 mile radius with ON TIME, PERSONAL SERVICE.

IABF is a 7,500 square foot working facility with three gas fired furnaces and automatic molding. With this equipment, we are capable of pouring 10 tons per week.

Our experience of over 50 years has been in castings from just a few ounces up to castings of 30 pounds per piece in aluminum and 60 pounds in brass.

We will work directly with clients, buyers or sales representatives providing pattern design, casting and light machining.

We can provide castings that are machined, plated, polished, and painted; analyzed for chemistry and strength; and radiographic and sonic tested for internal integrity.

To better accommodate our customers, we will finance design and production of new patterns and can provide just-in-time warehousing for blanket orders. IABF can process small or large orders and shipping can be done via our carrier, customer carriers or commercial carrier.

IABF provides an overall cost review and annually reviews performance satisfaction with its customers.

Light Machining


Lab Testing
Heat Treating