For over 50 years, IABF's reputation has been built on our personal relationship with our customers, delivering on time the expected quality at the right price. Our capabilities allow runs from one to thousands. Our recent change to Automatic molding has dramatically increased our ability to take on more work. We have met customer needs through quality workmanship and customer service. We intend to continue this standard of service. For special requirements and handling, we are available for personal assistance from the time an order is placed until it is delivered to your door.

IABF manufactures a wide variety of products:

  • Transportation - trucking
  • Lighting - housings, brackets
  • Decorative - signs, plaques, doors
  • Construction - fire doors
  • Special Machinery - food processing, printing, glass making
  • Electrical - motors, transmission equipment
  • Marine - tie downs, steering, brackets
  • Pumps - impellers, pistons, housings
  • Fire Service Equipment - nozzles, tools
  • Military - air filters, radiators
  • Musical Instruments

We frequently work with customers, engineers, and product designers to make patterns that are foundry AND cost friendly.


Drawing Plastic Model Pattern Raw Casting Finished Casting

For all of your sand castings needs and for a personalized quote, contact IABF today!